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How To Get Started In Sportscasting - Wednesday, May 29, 9 pm, Eastern


Calling all aspiring sportscasters!  High School, college or experienced.

Ever wonder how you can break into sportscasting?  Are you looking to embark on a life's journey, calling games that you love?  Or do you just want a change?

Before you dive into this business, there are a few things you need to know.

Please join us for this free 30-minute teleconference.


You will learn:

- The 7 things you need to do to become a sportscaster

- 3 myths about sportscasting

- The 2 sports broadcasting books that are must-reads for our sportscasting students

- The 2 most highly-rated sports broadcasting universities

- What you can do today to get started in your exciting new sportscasting career


We will offer some special bonuses, and open it up for question and answer as well! 

The call is free! Please join us!



More to come in the days ahead.....



Sportscasting Overview (3 hours) - Date to be announced


Covers play-by-play, color commentary, interviewing, talk show hosting, the history of sportscasting, career planning and question and answers.  Includes audio and video examples, live critique and discussion, and interactive exercises.  Perfect for all - including someone looking for a fun overview of the industry before spending big bucks on broadcast schools. 




Radio Play By Play Seminar (90 minutes) - Date to be announced


Covers radio play-by-play, including the history of the medium and influential broadcast pioneers.  Focused discussion on the difference between radio and TV, the essential aspects of successful radio and much more.

Women in Sportscasting (90 minutes) - Date to be announced