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Demo Tape Critique  


Receive a personal, comprehensive, 2-page critique of your sportscasting demo tape.  Submit up to 60 minutes of play-by-play, talk shows, interviews, reporting, hosting, etc.  Simply sign up and you will be contacted by one of our Sportscasting Coaches via email.  Submit your demo via web, mp3, CD, tape etc.  You will receive a detailed critique, complete with: 

Areas of Strength,  Areas for Improvement, Overall thoughts, Plan for Improvement

$23.95 - Sign Up Today!


"When I reached out to Sportscasters Club for a critique, I knew I was going to get the best from Rick. He's a veteran in both broadcast and print media.  You're not going to get your run of the mill "good job" or an "improve on that" with no explanation.  It's a full analysis -- from the words you choose in your scripts, to how you read and your body language -- highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in an effort to maximize your talent. If you're looking for a way to continue to grow, Sportscasters Club is the place to start."



"I was very happy and surprised to see the  write-up of my audio clips!  I was pleased that I didn't just see some things that needed improvement, but also some ways to help improve on them.  I definitely will take the advice to heart and apply it as soon as I can!" - Joe S.

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