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One on One Mentoring

Have lots of questions that need answering?  Are you constantly wishing you had an industry professional to bounce ideas and questions off of?  Don't you wish you had someone who could listen to your demo tapes and critique them to help you improve?  Are you looking for someone who will commit to helping you improve over time, rather than a one-time deal?  Do you need ongoing support, motivation and wisdom? We have your answer.

Our mentoring program includes:

-Unlimited email correspondence to answer your sportscasting and career questions

-1 FREE demo tape critique per month, complete with written evaluation

-2 phone consultation sessions per month, to answer questions, discuss the industry and conduct career planning

-FREE admission to our online seminars

(Our students at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and Marist College paid thousands of dollars for this type of one-on-one mentoring)

-No long-term commitment.  Subscriptions run month to month, cancel any time.

Only $29 per month- Sign Up Today and receive your first month at 50% off!