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Portions of our proceeds donated to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.

Our Mission: To educate students and adults about the real-world sportscasting industry.

Sportscasters Club was founded by a broadcasting professional who was mentored at Fordham University by Marty Glickman.  During his extensive sportscasting career of 15 years, he worked in minor league baseball, NCAA basketball, Time Warner Cable TV Sports, an ESPN Radio affiliate and much more.  He was a featured guest on WFAN Radio in New York in 2000, and also wrote a book entitled "A Renegade Championship Summer".  He has broadcast thousands of sporting events, programs and interviews. 


Most importantly, he has coached and mentored hundreds of sportscasting students as a Sports Broadcasting Professor at Marist College and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  Each of our Broadcast Coaches share his philosophy. 


Sportscasters Club was created to bring this experience and sportscasting education to you!

Who will benefit from your seminars and one-on-one sessions?

Everyone!  Beginners will love our seminars as a way to learn about the industry BEFORE spending thousands on schools and overpriced coaches.  (And you've seen some of their outrageous fees!)  Students will love to learn about the industry and about how to become a better sportscaster.  Adults have a great time learning about sportscasters of yesterday and today.  Experienced sportscasters can always learn, network and improve from talking and listening to others.  We work mainly with high school and college students, as well as with young adults early in their sportscasting careers.


How do I reserve my spot for a live seminar, one-on-one session or demo critique?  

Simply go to the pages and sign up.   


How will one-on-one sessions be scheduled?  

Your Broadcast Coach will contact you to set up dates and times that work best for both of you to conduct your live online sessions.  Evenings and weekends seem to be the most popular and convenient. 


How do we conduct a live, online course?  

We use a terrific live online service - either for a Teleconference or through  Broadcast Coaches and participants log onto the site from their home computers, and they communicate completely live with audio.  Our seminars are completely interactive, and participants are able to complete all exercises live online.  We utilize technology to include everything an "in-person" course would. 


How do I pay for the seminars or services?  

Payments are accepted very easily and securely via PayPal right through the Sign Up page on our website.  Any refunds - if applicable - are given via PayPal.  


What else will I need to purchase?

For Teleconferences, all you need is a phone!

For Web Meetings it is recommended that participants use a headset with microphone to plug into your computer's USB port.  This is an example....... This headset/microphone will allow you to communicate as if you were fact to face!  It would also be possible to simply listen during the seminar using the microphone and speakers built in to your computer. 

Is it possible to talk over the phone during the online course? 

Technically, yes.  It is possible to view the seminar on the computer and talk live on the telephone.  However, we want our participants to be as comfortable as possible during the seminars.  You don't want to get a stiff neck or arm from holding a telephone receiver.  In addition, we want to prevent a phone from losing battery power during the session.  A USB headset with microphone is the absolute best option for your comfort to maximize the session.  We may be able to make exceptions in an extreme circumstance.  For more information about the audio service during our course, please view 

 What if I register for a seminar via PayPal but do not attend?  Do I get a refund?

Sorry, no.  If you register, we want you there.  You'll have fun and learn some things! 

Can I take breaks during the seminars? 

Yes, you may take care of any business you need to. 


What can I expect from your Broadcast Coaches? 

Each of our Sportscasting Coaches have been trained in sports broadcast history, technique and philosophy.  They have real-world experience and are great at sharing that experience with others.  You'll be able to get your real-world questions answered.  You'll also hear them impart a broadcast philosophy handed down from the legendary Marty Glickman.    

What happens after the sessions? 

We pride ourselves on building relationships with students, broadcasters and participants.  We will do our very best to lead you in the right direction if you wish to pursue sports broadcasting as an area of study or career path.  We are here to help - as much as humanly possible - even after your seminars or sessions are complete.

What do I do now? 

Give it a try already!  What do you have to lose?