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So you're thinking of becoming a sportscaster.

 Where can you go for real-world information BEFORE spending thousands with broadcasting schools or teachers?

 Right here - Sportscasters Club!


Sportscasters Club has real-world sportscasting information if you want to:

  • Learn about the sportscasting industry
  • Find out how to make a living as a sportscaster
  • Learn the history of sportscasting
  • Decide if you should spend thousands with a broadcasting school, university or teacher
  • See what this exciting business is really all about
  • Hear from professionals who will share the great, the bad and the really horrendous
  • Study only sportscasting, rather than wasting time on editing, DJ shows, promotions and all the other parts of the broadcast industry you don't care about
  • Network with and hear from other aspiring and established sportscasters

Sportscasters Club offers convenient seminars and coaching sessions to fit your needs and interests.  Sign up today!