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 Play By Play Seminar (90 minutes) - Tuesday August 10, 2010 - 8:30 pm Eastern Time

This online seminar will cover the ins and outs of play-by-play, the history of play by play, the goals of a play by play announcer, live critiques with a focus on radio play-by-play, career advice, industry information and questions and answers.  This will be FUN!  It includes audio examples, live discussion and interactive exercises.  Perfect for all - including someone looking for a fun overview of sports play by play, someone who wants to know more BEFORE spending big bucks on broadcast schools, or someone destined to become the next Bob Costas.  Have fun and get your questions answered!  Reserve your spot today! 

Enjoy this live, interactive session from the comfort of your home computer.

First come, first served - only 15 attendees!  Deadline Sunday August 8.

One lucky attendee will receive a FREE Demo Tape Critique ($25 value!)

USB Mic & Headset recommended for complete, two-way communication

Once you sign up, we will email you simple instructions on how to join the live session August 10th!

Only $10 - Sign up CLOSED

Demo Tape Critique

Receive a personal, comprehensive, 2-page critique of your sportscasting demo tape.  Submit up to 60 minutes of play-by-play, talk shows, interviews, reporting, hosting, etc.  Simply sign up and you will be contacted by one of our Sportscasting Coaches via email.  Submit your demo via web, mp3, CD, tape etc.  You will receive a detailed critique, complete with: 

Areas of Strength,  Areas for Improvement, Overall thoughts, Plan for Improvement

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Only $25 - Sign Up Today!

One on One Mentoring

Have lots of questions that need answering?  Are you constantly wishing you had an industry professional to bounce ideas and questions off of?  Don't you wish you had someone who could listen to your demo tapes and critique them to help you improve?  Are you looking for someone who will commit to helping you improve over time, rather than a one-time deal?  Do you need ongoing support, motivation and wisdom? We have your answer.

Our mentoring program includes:

-Unlimited email correspondence to answer your sportscasting and career questions

-1 FREE demo tape critique per month, complete with written evaluation

-1 phone consultation session per month, to answer questions, discuss the industry and conduct career planning

-FREE admission to our online seminars

(Our students at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and Marist College paid thousands of dollars for this type of one-on-one mentoring)

-No long-term commitment.  Subscriptions run month to month, cancel any time.

Only $39 per month- Sign Up Today and receive your first month at 50% off!

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Sportscasting Overview (3 hours) - Date to be announced

Covers play-by-play, color commentary, interviewing, talk show hosting, the history of sportscasting, career planning and question and answers.  Includes audio and video examples, live critique and discussion, and interactive exercises.  Perfect for all - including someone looking for a fun overview of the industry before spending big bucks on broadcast schools. 

Radio Play By Play Seminar (90 minutes) - Date to be announced

Covers radio play-by-play, including the history of the medium and influential broadcast pioneers.  Focused discussion on the difference between radio and TV, the essential aspects of successful radio and much more.

Women in Sportscasting (90 minutes) - Date to be announced

Do women have a place in sportscasting?  How has their role and influence changed over the years?  Who are some of the pioneering women sportscasters and top women sportscasters of today?  What questions, concerns and thoughts do aspiring women have about the sportscasting field today?

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